Live Online 30 Minute Exercise Classes Streaming Now

Looking for a workout that will improve your fitness level and help to keep you interested and motivated? Try our live online 30 minute fitness classes.  These classes are long enough that you will see great benefits from taking part in your workout session, but not so long that you’ll struggle to get them done each and every day. 

For those who lead a busy lifestyle and want something quick and convenient, our 30 minute classes fit the bill perfectly. 

Let’s walk you through a few of the main benefits that our live 30 minute exercise classes have to offer. 

Increased Adherence 

The first benefit that you’ll see with your online 30 minute workout class is the fact that you will have a higher level of adherence to it over the course of the plan.  With 60 minute sessions, you will be that much more tempted to skip them if you are not feeling fully energized or if you have a lot to get done that day. 

But, 30 minutes is much more doable in most people’s eyes, so this may mean that you get them in more often. 

The secret to true fitness success is not as much what you do, but that you just do something. This benefit will really help push you along. 

Live Demonstration 

Second, the next big benefit to our online 30 minute exercise classes is that you will be led by a top rated instructor. While you could just put in an exercise DVD, you won’t get the benefits like you would if you attended a regular gym based class. This is because the instruction in a gym is different every time whereas the DVD is recorded so the instruction will be exactly the same every time you put it on. 

The regular live classes make things more interactive in nature and it will feel more like you are actually in the gym doing the workout session as you won’t know what is coming next. 

Greater Workout Selection 

Finally, the last reason to consider our live online 30 minute fitness classes is because they will give you a greater variety of workout selection. 

You could purchase a home DVD workout program if you wanted to exercise at home, but then you’d be doing the same workout over and over again. 

It wouldn’t be long before you’d get bored and fall off the bandwagon. 

Instead, try our online live online 30 minute classes – with so many different options to choose, there is something for everyone and with classes streamed regularly and access to a video archive, you will be spoiled for choice and always ensure a fresh and challenging workout. 

So there you have the primary points to consider as you go about your workout program and why you should choose our 30 minute classes beyond all else.  Make the commitment to get started today.