Live Online Exercise Classes For Seniors

If you’re someone who is over the age of maybe 60 or even 50 in some cases, you may have come to believe that it’s simply too late for you to get started on a health and fitness program. 

Banish this belief right now. As long as you have a class that is designed to cater to older individuals, you can certainly make great progress in terms of your overall fitness plan. 

The problem is that most commercial gyms don’t offer older beginner classes and programs and thus you’re stuck doing the same classes as everyone else. The end result is that you may get injured, you may get burned out, and you may just find that you don’t enjoy the sessions all that much. 

Our programs help you overcome this. Let’s look at what our online senior fitness classes have to offer. 

Lower Intensity And Volume 

The first big benefit that our online classes for the elderly offer, is a lower intensity workout that contains less volume than a traditional workout geared for a twenty something fitness fanatic. 

Since you aren’t going to be able to recover as quickly and bounce back from each workout you do, it’s important that you learn what your body can handle and what it can’t. 

Our classes are customized for those who are older, so they’ll help deliver fitness at a more tolerable level. You’ll therefore find that you feel energized after our classes, not drained and tired the rest of the day. Lower Impact Activities 

Second, our live senior exercise classes also offer lower impact activities that will keep your bones feeling great. Many older adults can’t take the high impact activities they did before, so accommodations must be made in terms of exercise selection. 

Our classes will focus on movements that still challenge the muscles fully, but do so without taxing the joints. 

Shorter Duration 

Finally, our home workout classes for seniors are also offered in shorter durations, which is more appropriate to most people of this age bracket as health conditions can often make long workouts troublesome.

You can choose between 15, 20, and 30 minute classes, all of which are fully structured to include everything that you could need in a workout session. 

This is going to make it much more manageable for you to include daily workouts in your lifestyle, allowing you to see faster progress than ever. 

So don’t give up on making improvements in your fitness level just yet. Instead, check out our live online senior classes instead.

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