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I've seemed to have done everything asked, yet I am still pending, why?


Common reasons we encounter that cause a delay in automatic authorisation:

1)  You signed up to REPs with one email, and signed up to GymCube with a different email.

Why does this slow things down? We receive your qualifications from REPs after you opt-in within your REPs members area. Once we receive verification that you are qualified, you should be automatically authorised. When this does not happen, it is usually because your email does not match, and we have no way of knowing until you inform us.

Tip: if you sign up to GymCube with a different email to your REPs membership, its totally OK, but please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We can then add your qualifications from your REPs profile sent to us with your GymCube registered email, no problem. But if we don't know, we simply have no way of knowing!

2) You have entered your email incorrectly. 

This happens more than you think! It is an easy mistake to make, and we have experienced it a lot, people inputting their email incorrectly, which means our correspondence never reaches you. You try to log in and can't and don't realise why, We have seen lots of .co.ul's instead of's etc.

Tip: An email to [email protected] should have you fixed and set up quickly.

3) You have registered with incorrect bank details or postcode.

The system auto-recognises incorrect 8-digit account numbers, 6-digit sort codes and UK post codes. If either one of the three is incorrect, automatic authorisation will not happen. Once the GymCube customer care team are aware you are having trouble, this is one of the first things checked and is quickly fixed provided we receive the correct information.

Tip: An email to [email protected] should have you fixed and set up quickly.

4) You have not opted in with REPs.

GymCube needed a proper way to verify that coaches were qualified and REPs was the standout governing body. In order for REPs to provide us with verification, you need to opt-in within your members are on the REPs website. This is due to the strict following of GDPR, as your data is treated with absolute security and respect. REPs will only send GymCube your qualifications for verification if you have ticked the opt-in box. Without the tick, you will remain as pending

Tip: log in to your REPs membership area and scroll down until you see GymCube, tick the opt-in box and you should be verified within 48 hours (allow 72 hours at weekends). If this takes longer please contact your friendly customer care team on [email protected]