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What is GymCube's pricing structure?


Thanks to sponsorship from global fitness brand Reebok plus GymCube's awesome investors, GymCube has the luxury of being able to compete in the online fitness marketplace with the offer of the entire platform free to use! Most online fitness platforms of a similar quality charge anywhere from £10-£30 a month! GymCube is FREE! 

To ensure you are aware of all possible options that include costs, GymCube is free to register and use, however, we do sell optional downloads such as printable gym plans (that you can also use on your phone), plus music, clothing and equipment (we would love to give these away for free too! But that one is not an option I'm afraid - we did ask!). Within the GymCube app, you can purchase one-on-one time with a qualified coach to help you with things like improving your technique, writing bespoke programmes for you to follow and guidance with your diet (for transparency, the coach sets his/her own prices and receives 80% of the payment you make and GymCube receives 20% for providing the platform).


What are the best ways to contact GymCube?


The best way to contact GymCube is by email. For all queries please email [email protected] and one of our friendly customer care team will respond as quickly as possible. Please be aware, GymCube's office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (UK time)

GymCube's Customer Care Team, Molly, Alessia, Cherie and Katie



I have logged in to the app, why can't I log in to the website? (or vice versa)



The website and the GymCube app are two different platforms that are not connected.

You need to create a login for both the website AND the GymCube app.

Tip: It is fine to use the same email and password, in fact, we recommend this, but you must create your free logins account for both.


You may have entered your email incorrectly on sign up

We encourage you to check that you have spelt your email address correctly when signing up.

New members are sent a welcome email on sign up, so if you haven't received yours then there is a chance you entered your email incorrectly. (When looking for the Welcome Email be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder) We often see mistakes such as .co instead of .com etc. This is a common mistake and can be easily fixed by emailing us at [email protected] (providing us with the correct email address) and we will be able to check this for you.

If it appears that you have spelt the email address wrong we will be able to enter your correct email address for you.


Are you entering your password incorrectly?

On the website, there is a box below the password field where you can click 'show Password' so that you can be sure you are entering your details correctly.

On the GymCube app, you must enter your password twice, so there is less chance of a mistake.


Is Caps Lock on when it shouldn't be?

The password field is case sensitive, so it's worth checking your caps lock is not on when it shouldn't be.


And if all else fails! Email us and we will help you! This is the best email for the GymCube team > [email protected]


I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?


If you have forgotten your password or simply want to change it, then go to log in and underneath the password field, you will see a 'forgotten password link. This applies for both the website and the GymCube app.

For the website, here is a quick and easy link to help you reset your password > Click Here

Please ensure to check all your spam AND junk folders, as the reset password link often ends up here!

If you continue to have trouble, please contact [email protected] and our friendly customer care team will help you



- Regarding the website:

This is something we recommend you do asap, as you will be generated a username at random by the system, it can be a bit of a pain for your friends to search for you.

Think of it like social media, if your friends join GymCube and want to connect with you but your name is ' jenny_1267 ', then there is little chance of them finding you!

So go to your 'myGymCube' in the top right of the screen, and select 'Settings'.

The first field you are greeted with is 'Display name'.

We recommend putting your full name, just like you would on Facebook or Twitter (remember that if you just put Jenny, there are likely lots of other Jenny's too), so, for example, Jenny Smith.

You can also upload a profile picture here too.

- Regarding the GymCube app:

We recommend all coaches immediately set their @username in their profile. This will help you provide clients with your searchable username should they come to the app to try and find you quickly.


There's a GymCube website, and a GymCube app, I'm confused?


The GymCube website is accessable using all internet enabled devices. In addition to the GymCube website, new for 2019, is the GymCube IOS app, suitable for Apple iPhone's and Apple iPads. To use the website and the app effectively, you must consider if you are a 'client' or a 'coach'. A client will use the website to view workout videos and recipes, track their results over time, and perhaps register to the app to get help at anytime from a qualified coach. A coach will use the app to position themselves available as an online coach, and conduct live online coaching sessions within the app. The GymCube website is a resource a coach can use to provide his/her client with guidence on workouts, programmes and recipes.

1. The GymCube website

Cost = Free to Register

Key Features:

  • Workout¬†Videos
  • Training Programmes
  • Exercise Library
  • Live Online Classes
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Useful¬†Blog Articles
  • myGymCube (Dashboard Profile)
    • Stat/Progress Tracking
    • Favourite Your Videos
    • Internal Messaging
  • Store
    • PDF Programmes (digital downloads)
    • Music (suitable for coaches teaching classes - digital download)
    • Merchandise (global distribution)
    • Gym Equipment (UK distribution)
    • MyZone (UK, USA, Aus distribution)
    • Reebok Clothing (global distribution)




2. The GymCube IOS app 

Cost = Free to Register (in-app purchases = one-to-one live online coaching)

Key Features:

Register as a Client

  • Internal Messaging (free to use)
  • Online One-to-One Live Coaching¬†(in-app purchase)¬†
  • Workout¬†Videos (free to use)


Register as a Coach

  • Exclusive only to coaches who are qualified and verified as members of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Internal Messaging (free to use - only with clients who have contacted you first)
  • Online One-to-One Live Coaching¬†(as a coach, you receive¬†payments)¬†
  • Workout¬†Videos (free to use)




How do I find the GymCube app to download?


The GymCube app at the time of writing is only available via the IOS app store (Apple devices not Android devices). Note: we do hope to launch an Android version this year.

To download the GymCube app from the IOS app store click here


I've seemed to have done everything asked, yet I am still pending, why?


Common reasons we encounter that cause a delay in automatic authorisation:

1)  You signed up to REPs with one email, and signed up to GymCube with a different email.

Why does this slow things down? We receive your qualifications from REPs after you opt-in within your REPs members area. Once we receive verification that you are qualified, you should be automatically authorised. When this does not happen, it is usually because your email does not match, and we have no way of knowing until you inform us.

Tip: if you sign up to GymCube with a different email to your REPs membership, its totally OK, but please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We can then add your qualifications from your REPs profile sent to us with your GymCube registered email, no problem. But if we don't know, we simply have no way of knowing!

2) You have entered your email incorrectly. 

This happens more than you think! It is an easy mistake to make, and we have experienced it a lot, people inputting their email incorrectly, which means our correspondence never reaches you. You try to log in and can't and don't realise why, We have seen lots of .co.ul's instead of's etc.

Tip: An email to¬†[email protected] should have you fixed and set up quickly.

3) You have registered with incorrect bank details or postcode.

The system auto-recognises incorrect 8-digit account numbers, 6-digit sort codes and UK post codes. If either one of the three is incorrect, automatic authorisation will not happen. Once the GymCube customer care team are aware you are having trouble, this is one of the first things checked and is quickly fixed provided we receive the correct information.

Tip: An email to¬†[email protected] should have you fixed and set up quickly.

4) You have not opted in with REPs.

GymCube needed a proper way to verify that coaches were qualified and REPs was the standout governing body. In order for REPs to provide us with verification, you need to opt-in within your members are on the REPs website. This is due to the strict following of GDPR, as your data is treated with absolute security and respect. REPs will only send GymCube your qualifications for verification if you have ticked the opt-in box. Without the tick, you will remain as pending

Tip: log in to your REPs membership area and scroll down until you see GymCube, tick the opt-in box and you should be verified within 48 hours (allow 72 hours at weekends). If this takes longer please contact your friendly customer care team on [email protected]

I'm a coach, can you make it clear what are the total fees involved in GymCube?


The GymCube app is free to register as a coach, however, free registration is exclusive to coaches who are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

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Coaches are not allowed to be authorised on the app as a coach without being first verified as fully qualified by REPs.

If you are not a member of REPs, it costs £40 per year to be a REPs member, and you pay that directly to REPs. If you would like to register with REPs Click Here.

There are no upfront fees or membership subscription, however, GymCube takes 20% of the payments made to a coach from a client.

Tip: GymCube recommends coaches factor this is when considering their pricing. For example, using simple maths, if a coach wants to walk away with £10, then the coach needs to charge £12-£13 (there are only round numbers to the pound).


I can see there is inbox and messages, how do they work?


The GymCube website has internal messaging which is much more powerful than the GymCube app, this is because a website offers more functionality than an app. As a client and coach, you can use internal messaging in the website to send basic messages back and forth as well as send/receive PDF's, Word docs, MP3's, MP4 videos. This is useful for keeping all your training content in one place, such as food diary's/exercise plans etc. for backdating, organisation of files and record keeping purposes.





The GymCube app also has internal messaging, but this has been implemented with communication of booking sessions in mind. You can use this to discuss online coaching and agree what you want to achieve before purchasing. You can also use it to coordinate your session times, e.g. perhaps you purchase 6 x 20-minute sessions, you may use the messaging feature to book your first session now with your online coach, and then use it again later when you need to book your other sessions etc. All you and the coach then have to do is show up on the app to connect with each other at the pre-agreed day and time (just like client and coach would have to do at the gym!).



I've paid for coaching in the app, how do I arrange to have my sessions?


The best way to arrange your sessions with your online coach is to communicate using the messaging feature. You can coordinate one or all of your sessions, by agreeing the day and the time to meet online on the app. Once this is agreed, just like meeting at the gym, the client and the coach must show up and meet each other for the session to take place. The client can easily find the coach by searching for their name or @username, as long as the coach is online and ready, the client can connect and the agreed session can take please.




Yes. You can book live one to one sessions with a GymCube online coach by downloading the free GymCube app.

All coaches have been approved by the fitness industry’s largest independent registers, The Register of Exercise Professionals.

CLICK HERE to download the app