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Combat Workouts

Combat fitness includes a full body workout incorporated with plenty of kicks, punches and other martial art related movements.

Many people believe that you need prior experience before taking part in combat fitness training but with GymCube, our trainers ensure you are comfortable and because you are doing it at home and you’re the only one in the class, you can do it at your own pace. In some cases, the videos will also show you an alternative movement to do until you reach that level of ability.

Combat fitness workouts are a great for conditioning, strength and stamina. As well as:
Improving lung function
Improving co-ordination
Building self-confidence

The movements themselves also act as a great way to relax and release stress as you punch and kick your way out of any day-to-day frustrations.
All of our combat workouts can be done without gym equipment, however some do recommend the use of dumbbells for optimum results.

To keep things interesting and our GymCube members motivated, we’ve included group workouts with members of all different levels so you can work towards your goal not matter what level of fitness you’re currently at.

Your combat trainer, Pierre Pozzuto, has used all of the workouts you will be doing as part of your combat workout on his celebrity clients who include the likes of, Keira Knightley, Gordon Ramsey and Ben Miller to name a few.


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