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Online Spin Classes

Online spin classes offer all of the great benefits that you will recieve from a class at the gym, but you can do them when and where you want! GymCube offers a range of spin classes which allow you to simply walk to your bike, hop on, and get started, all while continuing to enjoy the benefits of the workout that you love. What benefits do our online spin classes offer?

We’re Here To Guide You

The great thing about our online spin classes is that they are still instructor led, so despite the fact that you’re doing a home workout session or alone in a gym, you aren’t going to lose the benefit of having the instructor there to motivate you every step of the way. Our GymCube Master trainers will keep you moving and motivated even through the screen of your phone/iPad.

Some people fear that online spin classes aren’t as high quality or as affective as having an instructor there with you in real time, we are here to prove you wrong! Take the challenge and try one of our spin classes today by clicking here.

How To Set Up A Spin Bike

To get the most from your workout and to ensure that you do not injure yourself during a spin workout is it very important to make sure that your bike is set up accurately. Watch the video below where Kevin explains how to do this…

Ease Of Incorporation

Another benefit of our online spin classes is the ease of incorporating them into your daily schedule. We’re ready when you are so there are no schedules you have to try and attend or times when your classes may be cancelled. You can do your spinning workout at 4 in the morning or 11 at night – whatever works best for you – we have a session available.

For those who have very busy schedules, this benefit simply cannot be overlooked.

We Can Still Be There With You In Real Time

Do you want the live element but just can’t get to the gym? Well GymCube founder Kevin Foster-Wiltshire has now put together a LIVE Timetable full of varied workouts, including spin which we stream daily via Facebook and our website. Again, if you miss any of the live classes due to timing or a hectic schedule, you can catch up on all of the live classes.

Different Class Lengths

Don’t have an hour to workout? This won’t be a problem any longer.

You can get in a fast paced, short duration session that will still have you meeting your fitness goals and burning up calories, while being able to stick to your busy daily schedule. Remember, every little bit does add up so even if it’s just a 20-minute spin session, if you work hard you will still see results. You can’t exactly get up and walk out of a spin session half way through at the gym, so our classes overcome this issue. So give them a try next time you want to workout at home, but don’t want to lose the benefits of your favourite workout session.


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