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Written by Kevin Foster-Wiltshire, 'The #GCLifestyle Guide' is everything you need to know to live a healthier happier lifestyle. The guide teaches you how to keep in shape all year round (without yo-yoing), whilst still enjoying food, drink and socialising! Join Kevin and Cherie and live the #GCLifestyle!

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  • You will receive a downloadable guide for you to keep which helps you to quickly and easily find out how to stay in shape
  • Simply add the #GCLifestyle method and fitness into your life so that it suits you and the way you live
  • Quickly and easily understand the best food for you to help you feel better
  • Learn the simple training techniques you need to apply to get accelerated results
  • Online support from the GymCube team

This guide doesn't teach you what to do for 30 days, it teaches you what to do for life!

plus Diet and Exercise Plans

Extreme Weight Loss Plan

Lose a stone in 30 days!


We understand some people want to lose weight quickly. This 30 day challenge gets weight off - fast!

  • Can boost motivation massively as the scales go down and your clothes get looser
  • A variety of exercises that you can follow to burn extra calories and lose weight
  • Eating guide so you know what to do (with optional supplement plan for extra fast results)

Slim and Tone

Drop a dress size and firm your body in 6 weeks!

This plan is perfect for you if toy want to improve your figure by becoming more shapely and toned.

  • Easy-to-follow yet extremely detailed exercise plan that will super-tone your body
  • Cardio classes get you so far, now apply these techniques to reach your next level
  • Diet guide (with optional supplement plan to help you lose fat and maintain muscle)

Strengthen and Define Plan

Make your body stronger whilst torching body fat!

We recommend this plan to those who now feel ready to mix it up and advance towards strength improvements.

  • Strength training exercise plan to help you get from regular to ripped in record time
  • Be able to compete with the best with your new and improved stronger fitter body
  • Diet guide (with optional supplement plan) to improve your physique and performance

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, you have a full 30 days money back guarantee

"We guarantee to deliver you a lifestyle guide that will get you in the best shape of your life... so that you can wow your family and friends - whilst making you feel more confident and happy!"

Kevin & Cherie

Kevin Foster-Wiltshire, founder of GymCube, has been a fitness instructor for over a decade and specialises in fat loss, toning and programming

Along with an already proven track record of training successful professional athletes, Kevin was publicly credited as the trainer who whipped Coronation Street stars Kym Marsh and Sally Dynevor into shape as well as Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon and former Atomic Kitten and Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Natasha Hamilton

What people say about #GCLifestyle

"#GCLifestyle has changed my life. Before I started, I was stuck in a rut and not happy. Kevin taught me how to exercise in progressive phases and I no longer feel guilty about eating food. I've lost 2 dress sizes!"


"I've tried all sorts of diets and slimming clubs. I'd starve myself on weigh day then have fish and chips as a treat! 12 weeks in with GymCube and I've achieved now what I've been trying to do for years!"


"My aim was to fit into my jeans. It's been 12 weeks and in weight, I've lost 10 lbs. My jeans fit perfectly now and feel much more comfortable and confident to wear them out on an evening and weekends."