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10 Steps To Awesomeness

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10 Steps To Awesomeness

Changing your lifestyle can be difficult, changing habits is difficult. But, being more organised makes you more productive. Better productivity will help to ensure success in achieving the lifestyle you want in order to become the version of you that you deserve. Here are 10 habits to cultivate for success.

1.    Thank F*** it’s Monday!

Blue Mondays are a myth. If you dread Monday’s this indicates that your life is out of sync with your purpose. If you haven’t yet plucked up the courage to change your life or career, then make a start on changing your mindset. Focus on the positives, yes, they are some out there somewhere. Do something on a Monday that you look forward to. Do you enjoy deadlifts? Make Monday your main deadlift day, now Mondays are awesome.

2.    Sunday Is Fun-Day

Instead of convalescing from your weekend indulgences, or spending the whole day feeling anxious because it’s Monday tomorrow (see point one) do something fun, something that gives you pleasure and adds more purpose to your life. Play a sport, visit a town or city, or go for a bike ride with the kids, spend the afternoon with friends or family, or take a walk in the park on your own and listen to the birds singing. Anything, but do something to make yourself feel good.

3.    Get Your S*** Together

Using time as an excuse is accepting that you don’t give enough of a s*** about yourself to do what matters. People often claim that they don’t have time for meal prep, exercise, meditation or other positive habits that make their life better. No more excuses, get organised. Spend Sunday evening packing your gym bag, planning your workouts and your meals for the week, input your pre-prepared meals into a calorie tracker, etc. Get ahead of the game, spending an hour on a Sunday being organised can save you so much time later in the week.

4.    Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Again, time is no excuse, not if you are organised. Write things down to clear headspace, use a diary, calendar or planner app to schedule your entire week. Treat mealtimes, food prep and workouts as important appointments and stick to them. Add in ten minutes each day for meditation, relaxation or self-compassion, include ‘playtime’ any activity that is fun. Even date night goes in the planner. When you plan your week like this and see it in front of you, it’s easy to see how much time you actually have available and how much time you’ve been wasting by procrastinating.

5.    Prepare Your Food 

From the very beginning, we like you to start getting into the habit of batch cooking. This ensures that you have plenty of healthy meals on hand and saves you so much time during the week. Eating on the fly or waiting until you are hungry will always lead to poor food choices and overindulgence. It’s a simple hack but a really important one if you want to be successful with your new lifestyle.

10 Steps To Awesomeness

6.    Keep It Tidy

Keeping a tidy workspace, whether it’s your kitchen, your study or your exercise area has several benefits. Having a tidy up and keeping it organized makes it easier to use and more appealing to use. A decluttered workspace is less stressful and has a neurological effect of increasing your motivation and freedom of thought.

7.    Create An Attitude Of Gratitude

Being stressed and anxious probably means that you are pondering past experiences, second guessing choices that you have made. Or, it means that you are worrying about the future. Either way, you need to bring your attention to the present moment where, unless you are under immediate physical threat you have nothing to fear. Keeping a gratitude journal helps to rewire your brain to focus on the positives and develop more emotional resilience. Simply list a few things each day that you are grateful for and then spend 5-10 minutes just dwelling on these thoughts. When you go through life with an attitude of gratitude it’s impossible to feel anxious, depressed or angry.

8.    Be Sociable

We are social creatures and if we become disconnected from our social support networks it can have a significant impact on our mood. Some people are extroverted and literally feed off of other people’s energy. Others are more introverted and find that being alone helps to recharge their emotional batteries but even introverts need to socialize.

9.    Get An Early Night On Sunday 

After a long weekend of being awesome, of socializing, playing and doing all the things that really matter to you, that give your life purpose you’re probably a bit knackered. So, after you have got your s*** together (step 3) get an early night. It’s all too common for people to stay up later than they need to, especially on a Sunday because they dread getting up and going to a job they hate. Instead of staying up an extra hour or two, watching pointless crap on TV, have a stretch, do your gratitude journal and then go to bed and have a good night’s sleep so that you are fresh and ready to achieve more awesomeness on Monday morning.

10.    Ease Yourself Into It

You have a whole week to get stuff done, treat it like a marathon, not a sprint. If you have followed the other steps in this article, then you will be well organized and have planned most of your week out. Just take each step and each day as it comes, if you find yourself getting anxious because you are worrying about something later in the week, just bring yourself back to the present moment, revisit your schedule and then do whatever is next on the list. That other thing can wait. If unforeseen circumstances arise and throw your schedule out deal with it, don’t stress about it, that’s life.
Hopefully, these tips will have given you plenty to think about and, although a lot of it sounds like common sense, how honestly can you say you are doing all these things? The only reason for failure to achieve the health and fitness you desire is a failure to plan accordingly. Remember YOU are important and putting yourself first in your life isn’t selfish. Just learn to appreciate your worthiness and then it’s easy.


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