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Welcome to the new GymCube website, launched 1st May 2018.

The following important message applies only to paying members registered before 1st May 2018

We wish to thank all current GymCube members for their patience during this update and throughout initial set-up teething problems.

All pre-May 1st 2018 members have been upgraded for no additional charge to Black Membership, meaning you have access to all of the current contents to the entire site with no additional fees.

Your Black Membership will remain without additional charge to your current payments for life (or until you cancel).

Your login details are: your email address

Your password is: gymcube

No payment details are stored, if you would like to cancel please [email protected]


Should you have any questions specific to your membership, please contact your friendly customer service team via email [email protected] and we will help you with your individual query as quickly as possible, kind regards.


Q: Once logged in, can I change my password?

A: Absolutely, and we encourage you to do so! Once logged in, you will arrive on your profile page where you can make updates such as change your password.

Q: Are my payment details secure now that there is a temporary generic password?

A: Your details have always been secure with GymCube as we used Sagepay and Paypal. The new website has no details stored. Whilst we continue developing the site to allow customer profile and the ability to manage your payments, please [email protected] should you wish to cancel.

Q: Now that I have been automatically upgraded to Black Membership, can I get a refund as well?

A: We have decided to reward all pre-May 1st 2018 existing GymCube members with upgrades to Black Membership. This does not equate to refunds, as content has been downloaded, read and used, as well as trainers time assisting, therefore kindly, no refunds will be issued. Please [email protected] should you wish to cancel.

Q: How do I get personal training?

A: You can upgrade to the Platinum Membership which includes 2 x 45min Online PT Sessions. There is no additional discount of the Platinum Membership for current members who have been given access to the site as Black Members for free for 2018, as this already value-for-money fee pays for a real instructor to help you 1-to-1. To reiterate, the Online Personal Training Service is an additional charge, available as included with Platinum Membership, or, purchased as individual Online PT Sessions.